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We have only got one life to live,
But we all have something we can give
To make the world a better place for those we leave behind,
This means that we must take our chance
To use our best efforts to enhance
Conditions which prevail for the future of mankind.
We all have some skill that we can use,
To comfort, educate, or simply to amuse,
Remembering everyone’s needs are of a different kind,
                                                                                      It might be just a simple word,
But above the clamour it will be heard,
And could give someone peace of mind.
We cannot pick and choose what we should do,
This has been ordained for me and you,
We must ensure we do that to which we are assigned,
We must act before it is too late
For time will surely pass to seal our fate,
We must not wait until we feel so inclined.
Now is the time for us to show
Our love and care for those we know,
For love is something which should not be confined,
For we only have one life to live,
And now is the time for us to give
To make this world a better place for those we leave behind.
Ron Martin

A Little Prayer – Promote Yourself


Before I sleep, when the night’s at peace;
I caIl on Him with the dancing bees;
I don’t do this for you to be pleased;
but for me to be able to live with ease.
Trials and hardships have tested my faith;
A way out isn’t a problem ‘cause there is to create;
There are a lot of things that I wish to state;
but it is for you to discover, so go and change the fate!
As time passes by, we all move along;
Trying to find the place where we really belong;
Some are confused but please don’t get them wrong;
Because they couldn’t have seen yet the lyrics of the song.
There are problems that seem to last forover;
Stand up, face them, be strong and clever;
Don’t forget that you can cry on His shoulder;
You’ll feel a lot better when you say a little prayer.

Shavaun Lemieux


I saw an old man down in the market
I thought he look terribly depressed
He had tears rolling down from his eyes
I wondered what these tears expressed
I said “What’s the matter old fellow
Surely your life can’t be that bad
It upsets me to see you crying
Please tell me why you are so sad”
He said “I am eighty two years of age
My wife has just turned thirty eight
She makes love to me every night of my life
I’m sure that many would envy my fate”
“She does all of the washing and cleaning
She is also a very good cook
She never asks me for any money
I know that I have had my share of luck”
I said “I cannot understand your depression
You’ve had your share of the blessing that life can give
Please tell me what is the cause of your upset?”
He said “I can’t remember where it is that I live”
By Ron Martin
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