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Puzzle Of Fear – Promote Yourself




It’s Friday 13th


It’s Friday but not as we know it

They say Black Friday is a day to fear

So lock your doors and windows

And lock in your luck

And watch out for Black cats

Black cats will hiss as they walk past

Is It a day of fear for you my dear

A ladder appears do I walk under Or do I past?

It’s Friday will I get bad luck or will my luck last?

Thank god It’s Saturday

I don’t know how but my good luck did last

But is it running out fast?

Thomas Sims

Silence – Promote Yourself


Silence of our tones is slowly suffocating me.
The uncertainty of your movements is mystifying.
Hasty circulation of blood running through my veins.
Disproportionate mental exhaustion due to your mystery.
Introspection of my wrongs,
Realization of my brain-work and the present error before my eyes,
Is bloody atrocious,
Because I dig deep within my soul,
I shove my nails into my flesh,
With ambiguity.
As I fail to understand your eyes,
What are they hiding from me?
Is it my boldness you fear?
Or did I do you wrong?
What are we?
You and I?
Because the vagueness of our passionate stares,
Is confusing me.
Is it the gaze of love you exude?
Or all you have for me is friendly admiration?
But of course,
You and I can never be,
If you’re powerful enough to rule the world,
And my fragility stops me from stepping out the door,
If you’re determined to do the impossible,
And my hesitation is moving me nowhere.
So whatever we may be,
Whatever you may be to me,
And whatever I may be to you,
Our silence is due to our fantasies.
You and I?
We never spoke.



In the bar she sat alone
Just with her mobile phone
She sipped on her happy hour beer
And showed signs of fear
That he’d let her down again
The beer glass began to stain
In rings on the wobbling table
She stood, unable
To move or speak with clarity
Life was without hilarity.
Stephen Holloway.


No time to show fear
When all I hear
Is that drill
So shrill
In vain
I attempt nonchalance
But sense enamelled violence
From a man in white
I constructed this poem in lines that enlarge than contract, then grow again to emphasise fear and the hideous sound of the dentist’s drill !!!
Stephen Holloway

In the new year


I have many targets to reach

I have many important people to see

In the new year,

There is no time for tears

I have no time for fear

In the new year,

I have to develop my projects

A higher standard I will expect

In the new year,

I have twelve months

To reach my goals

No time for tears

Or negative souls,

I have the positive energy

and the optimism to see

Clearer for 2012

No excuses, saying I will shelve

Projects when there is no need,

Yes this year the air

Will be clearer to breathe, 

This year I will not wear

My rose tinted glasses to see

Gillian Sims

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