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Goosey- Goosey gander where do you wander

Down to the forest where the grass is so green

To the goose fair site where all can be seen

With all the smells  in the air what a wonderful atmosphere

Helter Skelter roundabouts and Dodgem cars all whirling about

Mushy peas and candy floss

children screaming as the rides go so fast

There’s Gipsie Rose Lee is reading  your  palms

Filling you up with all her charms

Big wheel so high I feel I could touch the sky

Its time to go as the goose fair lights go low

Then trailer’s packed and off they go

This year’s gone so fast

Thomas Sims

Peter the Elf

Long time ago deep within the forest

Lived an elf by the name of Pete

He was dressed in all his finery

Wearing clogs upon his feet


He longed to dance the fandango

At the Goblins, fantasy ball

Alas, for Pete he had a problem

In his stocking feet he only two feet tall


This was not going put off Pete

For Pete had a cunning plan

He decided to consult Mary the fairy

He pleaded her to turn him into a man


She cast a magic spell over him

 Placing poor Pete into a whirl

Something went terribly wrong

As she had turned him into a girl


This did not bother Pete the elf

The fandango he danced all night

At midnight the spell wore off

It was then Pete disappeared out of sight


Malcolm G Bradshaw
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