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Floating in slowness, drifting in stillness,
Foraging hours for seagrass and algae,
Heavy as giants your litheness ignored,
As mechanical monsters near you are mindlessly scored.

Eyes lost in a gray expanse,
Your prehensile lip brushes; your fluke steers ahead;
And still your dolphin-like intelligence is misunderstood,
By enemies, humans, with their heads in the woods.

Along with your peers dwelling in the canals,
Sleeping silently underwater you awaken to breathe,
As your nose pushes upwards to replenish your air,
You suddenly plunge downwards, mystified and scared.

After two years seacow mother you birth your calf,
And you search the mangrove shallows for warmth at last;
Oh gentle behemoth you cling to existence,
Only to be harmed without resistance!

Dedicated to the manatees: endangered and forgotten.

Wendy Shreve

Tidying the corners of your life

When you tidy the corners of your life

It is surprising what you may find,

Things that you had forgotten

That somehow were left behind,

It has been said that it is good for the soul

To tidy the corners of your life,

It cleanses your soul and your mind

And blows away your cobwebs

To concentrate on your goals,

Like a change is as good as a rest

There is nothing to compare,

To put you to the test

So if you are feeling blue

Just take the time,

To start tidying the corners of your life

There is nothing to be lost,

It may show you a path to new horizons

And a clearer kind of life

One that may be inspirational,

One that you may find just right

By Gillian Sims 2011

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