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Last night


A gang of good intention

Came clamouring at his door.

‘Go away. You know I’m sleeping!’

‘Open up, or else we’ll let you know what for!’

‘Why bug me in the night-time?

My dreams should bring some rest.’

’Not in your case, matey,

We know what’s for the best.

We’ve come to jolt your thinking

About things you ought to do

To help you and other people

With all you’re going through.’

‘Look, I’m not wanting to be saintly.

Let me alone. Just leave me be.

Go and find real holy persons.

Allow my conscience to be free.

Farewell, you good intentions.

Get you gone now, off you go.

Let me relapse to mindlessness.

My final word is No!’

So away they crept, these spirits.

Dispirited they went.

And he, alone, could slumber on,

To selfishness hell-bent.

Ron Gardner, 22/9/11

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