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A clouded Imagination

I lay and look into the sky
Watching all the clouds float by,
It’s strange the different shapes I see
Imagining what they could be,
Before they break and the rain falls
They move and mould and create more,
Shapes and things floating free
All the things I wish I could be,
All the animals I’ve never seen
Landmarks of places I’ve never been,
It’s strange to think they are more than just clouds
Imagination taking over the here and now.
Abbe Cutforth

Social butterfly

Are you a social butterfly?

Fluttering from tree to tree?

Are you like the Red Admiral?

So bold and daring, fighting to be free?

Or are you trying to escape the chaos
That cities can bring?

Or maybe you are the social butterfly
That has to have everything

Whoever you are, the next time you are
fluttering from tree to tree

Stop to think, where it is that you would
really like to be,

Where it is that you would like to rest your wings

In the city or countryside?

Where you may still continue to be a social butterfly,

Do consider, not breaking too many hearts

Respect this as a brand new start

Sometimes you may have to pay the price,

For being so bold and free

Whenever you flutter from tree to  tree,

It is only you that can decide

Where to settle your wings

It is only you
That can change many things

By Gillian Sims

Colwick Park

Take a walk around Colwick Park

So much to take in, so much to see

A sparkling jewel within Nottinghamshire

It doesn’t cost anything, it’s all-free


Round a bouts and swings for the children

Long walks for all to take part

Taking in all of the beautiful scenery

It’s just knowing where to start


The lakes in all their splendour

With greenery and all kinds of trees

Wild life swimming across the waters

With dragonflies, butterflies and bees


The River Trent runs by the park

Adding beauty as it flows by

Fishermen fishing in the lakes

With ducks, geese and swans flying high



It’s a place where you can find peace

A place to sit with your memories past

Of relationships to reflect upon

On how long they’d last


Colwick Park has many things to give

And you can add to it’s magic too

For a short while lose yourself

In the panoramic scenery you view 

Malcolm G Bradshaw

A Mother’s Loss

I held someone very precious

A miracle that was gentle and mild

The most wonderful gift from God

Was my first-born beautiful child

This child had a heavenly smile

So tiny, so delicate in every way

But alas my dreams were shattered

As my child passed away

I was devastated at my loss

By now my heart was breaking

Everything stopped in my life

Every bone in my body was aching

I blamed myself for the passing

My health reached low ebb

I just could not understand

Why my beautiful child was dead

It was then as I lay sleeping

An angelic angel came to me

Cradled within her arms was my baby

She had brought for me to see

I felt all the grief and pain was lifted

These words to me she said

My child please don’t blame yourself

As your can see your child is alive not dead

Your baby in heaven will be taken care of

And God will ease your pain

Your child will be waiting

To be re-united with you again

  Malcolm G Bradshaw

Poppy And The Snail

Poppy the fairy was flying in the forest

When she came across Simon the snail

He wasn’t looking too good

In fact he was looking quite pale

Whatever is the matter enquired Poppy

I don’t know was Simons reply

I have not been able to slither

For my trail has been to dry

Poppy gently picks him up in her arms

Flew down to the doctor pretty quick

For she was very concerned about Simon

For she knew that Simon was very sick

She took him to see doctor dandelion

 The doctor would know what to do,

He examined poor Simon thoroughly

He diagnosed Simon of having snail flu

The doctor told Poppy to take him home

Put Simon straight into his bed

Make sure he has plenty of fluid

Place a cold compress around his head

Poppy made sure Simon was comfortable

As she tucked Simon into his shell

After a few days of nursing

Simon recovered very healthy and well.

Malcolm Bradshaw

“Free” – Promote Yourself



Waters run still in mind,
rays to cut mirrored glass.
But rage the tempest,
swell to ravage surface.

Breathe deep, slow, strong,
fill up in deathly ease.
Slip below storms,
gracious, graceful, peace.

Fall now into me,
lines that lead to darkest blue.
Welcome in warm surrender,
coast down to ocean’s call.

Thoughts in silence,
drums play deep.
Cradled heart,
slow to calm’s embrace.

In this space,
nothing enters.

No whispers,
tell me I’m alone.

One in one.

In this place,

I am.

© D. A. Yew

A grain of sand

A grain of sand in a lifeless land

As far as the eye can see

It’s been a week, with no relief,

won’t you come and set me free 

How I wish a plane would land, according to plan

And take me away from here but my luck’s run out,

My body is broke and I don’t know where I am 

The wind blows through, it chills me blue and I don’t know

Where I am With nothing to scoff and not even a brew

I think I’m left behind In this lifeless land

Filled with sand I know my life is through

Then the radio crackles and I’m made to remind

That there are others out there tooleft in this land like a

Grain of sand waiting to come home too……

Dan Fry



Not in the past where your tempests raged;
Or in the future, when unknown forces could shatter dreams;
Not in your soul, skewered by hatred and resentment;
Only in the present, as an open heart awaits.

Not by running from what is given;
Or hiding in bitterness and acrid thoughts;
Not in your head, where too many goals are left unfulfilled;
Only in hope, not beyond your reach.

Not in innocence lost or violence found;
Or misguided battles, conflicts unresolved;
Not in your body, ravaged with time and pain;
Only in forgiveness of yourself.

Not in others’ perceptions of who you are;
Or finding reasons to run from promise;
Not in your losses, though hard to bear;
Only in taking her hand; reaching for the sun.

Wendy Shreve

I still miss you – promote Yourself









There are days,
When I miss you
With a sudden intensity
Which surprises me.

It aches, in a way I didn’t deem possible,
In a heart, I didn’t know I possessed.
And I lie in this room feigning sleep.
Pining away, struggling with my existence.
While I choke from these strange arms enveloping me.

Should I strive, in vain, for you, most divine?
Or should I instead, be miserably content with what’s mine?

– Sreshtha Sen

ART OF HUMAN NATURE – Promote Yourself


Smooth surface;
Stone with curves of
Henry Moore,
In a stream.
Girl stricken,
Taking her legs
But not her heart;
Andrew Wyeth,
In the field.
Black & white figures;
Modern day
On concrete canvases.

Chiseled names
In blackness;
Sunlight &shade
Reveal lives past;
Maya Lin,
On the grass.

Women of texture;
Ordinary scenes,
Superlative color;
Romare Bearden,
By a tree.
Mother, child; boat;
Strokes of light & shadow;
Mary Cassatt,
On the water.

Murals of
Bracing colors;
Struggles for dignity;
Diego Rivera
Beyond the breadth.

Palette stream
In cataclysmic ash;
Edvard Munch,
In the sky.

 Wendy Shreve


Never seen anything quite so free
Runs for fun
Runs because she can
Hair flowing
Legs going in every direction
My breath catches with every step
In case she falls
Nothing I can do though
I have to let her run
And for her to know
I’ll be there
To pick her up.

Gabriel Denver

A change is required

If we look about us what do we expect to see?

Would it be a world in which everyone is free?

A world where prosperity is shared by everyone,

Or one in which some people still live in poverty?


Is this the kind of world that God intended?

Is this scenario fulfilling God’s masterplan?

Or, has it come about through man’s manipulation,

With sin having an effect from the day the world began?


We are told that it was intended for man to live in harmony with God,

And that it was for his pleasure that man was created,

But man set out to gain his independence,

And for this reason, God’s plan has been frustrated.


Over the years the world has seen many changes,

But this does not mean it is a better place,

There have been many improvements in our standard of living,

But these do not apply to every member of the human race.


We live in a world where the burden of work has been eased,

Much of the hard labour has been replaced by machinery,

Many new tasks have been introduced,

Most of which are carried out by complex technology.


What difference has this knowledge made to us,

Are we living in a world where happiness knows no bound?

With all this progress in Science and technology,

Peace, satisfaction and harmony should be found.


To improve the conditions in which people live and work,

Is the objective for which people have fought and died,

The result of their work has been beneficial,

But each improvement can mean more people are dissatisfied.


We live in a world where comparison is rife,

Where many people are not satisfied with their lot,

They look around and see people with more than them,

Or, that some people have got something that they have not.


To many this is a cause of jealousy or envy,

They are not happy at another person’s obvious success,

They do not always accept that this success is deserved,

And this can lead to a sense of bitterness.


Social engineering has been applied to many aspects of our life,

But this has failed time and time again,

Real progress does not come about by changing conditions,

What is needed is a change in the hearts and minds of men.


Without this change other changes will be ineffective,

Greed, selfishness and intolerance will still hold sway,

There may be many improvements in our standard of living,

But in the long run we shall lose the day.


Ron Martin

Poetry Competitions

Why not send us your poetry?

This will publish your poetry for free on our website

GILLIAN’S Great book give away in St Annes nottingham

Gillian Sims gave free books to members of her community on Tuesday 23rd October. 2012

The Manners collection was published in 2009.
This book was at the heart of the community on Tuesday where it was first launched at the Chase library three years ago.
Many children will have the pleasure of reading the light-hearted poetry about manners and will engage with the fun characters while they tell their tales.
Photos and books were exchanged in the community,and all were delighted to receive the books.













Triumph and Despair


When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on an ass,

The prophecy of Zechariah at last had come to pass,

The population welcomed Jesus as their King,

And their loud hosannas all of them did sing.

Some cut down branches down from the trees,

And strewed them in His path,

But all of this only added to the Jewish leaders wrath,

For they were not prepared to except the claims that he had made,

And the acclamation of the people only made them more afraid,

For if, Jesus was allowed to set up a Kingship of his own,

They would loss the powers, which under Herod they had known.

A revolution now would bring this to an end,

And they felt that their position was one they must defend,

And so they began to plot and scheme and arranged for his arrest,

And dragged him into the judgement Hall where Pilate put him to the test.

Pilate asked some questions, the called the proceedings to a halt,

And he told the Jewish leaders “That in Him I find no fault,

But there is a custom that at Passover a prisoner is set free,

If I release Jesus to you it would be satisfactory to me”.

But the Jews called out “crucify him” His death we want to see,

You are no friend of Caesar’s if you set him free.

So, Jesus was lead away to die to satisfy the Jews,

Today his death would have been headline news,

But at that time no one looked at the cross in dismay,

For two others were also crucified on that very day.

No one realised that it was such a tragic loss,

But it was the Son of God, who was hanging on that cross,

He was hanging there as a sacrifice from sin to set us free,

And to pay the price that God demanded on behalf of you and me.


Ron Martin
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