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Look at the Anger – Promote Yourself

Look at the anger
It was so
Boiled hard
Gall stone
Blood stone
Head stone

Not knowing it existed
Or hurt

I read back
And wondered
How scared I had been

And now..

am relieved..

I float in amazement
Can hardly reveal
What I meant
What I felt
A dream and unreal

That what was inside me
Screwed up and
Re lent
And re lent
And re lent
Nothing at all
Black hole space
Angry and full
But no satiation
Relentlessly full.

But now face it gently
In a numb kind of shock
A dizzy tin-nitus
A modern dilemma
For once
And for all
I let it go gently
Gently let go
It’s over and done with.

For now.

Cheryl Bhagwandin

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