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ON OBLIVIOUSNESS – Promote Yourself

Seven billion global citizens; all but oblivious to one another. But to the extent that any 
two or more share, in #twitterfiction, space-time-continuity …
… i.e., but when we touch, see, hear, smell, taste or otherwise surreally perceive another,
we are oblivious, in #twitterfiction … to our brother. 
The internet is, in #twitterfiction, the God-given conduit whereby we might alchemically 
transcend to global peace … and global … prosperity.
In #twitterfiction,we need to do what is only seemingly impossible; the abnegation of surrealities, 
like nationality in favor of the exaltation … of our humanity.
Time, in #twitterfiction, for Truth and Reconciliation; whether you think we can get it done 
or you think we can’t, you’re absolutely … right … on.
See @chachomanopapa on Twitter, and, its blog-log analog, 
for poetry, in #twitterfiction, about history, from tweets, and a blog.
Poems melding Ovid’s and Emily’s; in poems to (wo)men about change, otherworldly visionaries
in #twitterfiction ask: Of what good are borders … and nationalities? 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

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