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Into the west

golden ship
When will this toil end?
Must I remain affixed to this mortal coil by silver thread?
I long to climb aboard a golden ship and sail
Into the western sky 
Over the rainbow where years of dread
No longer hold power to bow my head
I’ll sail away in my ship of gold
Where sadness is nothing but a story once told
Descend once there into fields of green
Laced round and round by lively streams
Land there to till, and good work to do
A pub there is too for a fire and brew
No more deadlines to meet or diesel to breathe
No cold winter chill to bite through my sleeves
Just sun, and rain, and the scent of the sea,
Good friends to hold dear whom I’ve long wished to see
Beyond the horizon I so long to go
Over the rainbow, far past the snow
I long to leave these dark-lit shores
And sail the western sky

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What is Success? – Promote Yourself


I once dreamt of that golden word,
Which plagues my days and haunts my nights,
A lighthouse upon boulders of fame,
Whose peripheral sea is strewn with blights.

I once dreamt of sweet, sweet success,
Till I tasted a morsel of that which I craved,
My tongue screamed Pull Back! and to this day,
I don’t really know from what I’d been saved.

I once dreamt of the top of the world,
Deeds immortalized and soul long sold,
I could, perhaps, wave at the faces below,
But for an acrophobic that’s a story untold.

I once dreamt of that V-shaped mark,
I could jot besides “SUCCESS!”
But frankly, checklists are to life,
As Checkers is to Chess.

I once dreamt of gold and glory,
Until blind ambition taught me a lesson well learned,
When the day comes that success has no name,
Only then will it be a true victory earned. Thanks! 😉

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