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good bye

I said good-bye to a loved one,

I said good-bye to a friend,

Someone I loved and cherished,

These words to you I send.

Thank you for all you taught me,

For the memories I hold so dear,

For the many problems I brought to you,

That you solved and made so clear.

I must have taken you for granted,

You didn’t seem to mind,

You were always there when I needed you,

You were thoughtful considerate and kind.

There are many things I wished I had said,

I kept them deep inside,

Now I wished I had said them,

If only I had tried.

If only this if only that,

The things I had said to you,

Could I but turn the years around,

To start your life anew.

I know this is not possible,

For you have run your race,

You have earned your reward,

As God has reserved your place.

Enjoy your new environment,

Be happy in all that you do,

These last words I give,

Is to say that I love you.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

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