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Thoughts at Christmas

Christmas tree12345


Christmas is a time of joy for some,

But Christmas can bring sadness too,

Christmas is what ever

The time of year means to you.


Christmas can be happy,

For all the girls and boys,

To see there faces light up,

When they receive their toys.


Christmas can be lonely,

For those that are left alone,

Families that have forgotten

Loved ones left at home.


Christmas brings out all that is good,

It lifts our very soul,

It makes us feel like children,

As we approach the Christmas Noel.


Remember as you celebrate Christmas,

Send good cheer all around,

For all the good fortune you have experienced,

And for all the love you have found.



Malcolm G Bradshaw  

The snow Fairy


Softly, softly, on the breeze
The snow fairy flitters among the trees;
Her laughter’s warm, it brings good cheer,
And merriment this time of year.
With glittery brightness and magic’s glow
She gently lights upon the snow;
From tiny pocket makes food appear
To feed the birds and the tiny reindeer.
Then with a smile and a twinkling eye
She bids the dear little ones goodbye;
For she has much to do today,
Though what it is I cannot say;
Now it’s a secret, but soon you will know,
And you’ll be delighted from head to toe!


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