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I Wonder if You Wander – Promote Yourself


I wonder if you wander along the shore;
While the tide rolls in and Time fades into grey.
I wonder if you wander when the daylight pours its rays upon your face.
As your soul lays barren, washed up in the waves if you long for refreshment;
Though water is at your feet.
In the thousands of grains of sand, you wonder if at all someone will notice you,
As they will notice me.
The brevity of life; the fragile state of living.
Somehow, we take each second for granted, the minutes to share our hearts with another.
In a breath and a sigh; it passes by too quick.
Take each drop in when you can.
I wonder if you wander when someone will carry you underneath the wings of hope.
Does the suffering grieve your heartstrings too much that the sun won’t shine tomorrow?
As you cry, the next bottle of rain; you want to hide your head in the caves of Remorse.
You can’t escape the past, or run far enough for the dawn to catch you.
Don’t lose sight; redemption has come;
Just open your eyes and your heart, for tomorrow is come.

I wonder if you wander in the shifting sands of life,
The shoreline’s too long and the tide is too high.
The waves crashing, undertow pulling into its side;
Wiping out all hopes of success, all joy inside this world.
Tossing, turning, shipwrecked, sunken treasures, us boys and girls;
But with the compression; the pressure in His hands.
He takes these challenges turning us into His pearls.
Precious, priceless, perfected by trials,
In this lonely beach.

I wonder if you wander on this rock, on this isle.
Isolation and desolation; seeking not to be stiff and still
But full of vibrancy and bright.
No one is an island; no one is a shore
But banking on the waters of love.
Love will restore and heal the broken,
Love is the ocean, and we are the sea;
Flowing, growing, feeding one another in its plentiful, beautiful bounty.
Going on in its continuous fount, the water that never runs dry;
For the parched heart.

I wonder if you wander along this shore.
Thinking and watching as Time rolls on;
But wait, don’t lose heart, you can’t give up now:
Hope is alive, it lives for tomorrow!

Dr. Seussa

Truth or truth – Promote Yourself


Truth is truth, excepting the occasions when it is not.

My Truth is not my friend’s truth,

Not my father’s truth, my child’s.


Truth can only be expressed in words. Relative and poorly constructed.

And words are fallible, unstable, misused and abused.


Words are no more than signs and symbols,

Signifiers of a subjective existence.


A Childs’ game of categories, to compartmentalise a continuum.

Words change, expand and contract, as endlessly they shift

As grains of sand on a beach.


There is no truth in a dictionary, every word a lie.

Words cannot be what they seek to represent,

They cannot transcend.

 “Ceci n’est pas une pipe.”
Truth is the trick of a conjuror, the white rabbit

No longer in the hat. With Sleight of Hand our daylight truths

Become in darkness, our deepest fears.


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

And the Word was God”  but my God is not yours,

Real truth lies only with the Omnipotent.


And what treasons are committed in the treachery of a word.

Innocence slain, commands, orders, and just cause for the belligerent.

Give your life only for love.

“Verum esse ipsum factum” – All truth is a lie.
© John Bullock 2013

John Bullock

Journalist, Editor & Writer
07824 602520

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