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Escape – Promote Yourself

She watched her oppressor
Every move he made was important to her
As she planned her escape, his demise
Freedom, finally, from the emptiness in her eyes.
Drunk on lust and whiskey, he attacked
She bore the pain and performed the unthinkable acts.
No longer afraid,
She attacked him as he stumbled away.
His anger erupted, the vicious swings came
Without fear, she picks up his gun – takes aim
Bullets pierced the night and his blood rained.
He was dead in an instant,
But she paused only to wipe off her fingerprints.
She walked away from that place
Renewed hope, and for the first time in years, a smile on her face.

Thank you for this opportunity. For the last few years, all of my poems have been written, and put on my hard-drive, never to be seen by anyone but me. I realize now, that although protecting myself from critique, I was also violating the basics of being a writer – we write for ourselves, but we also write for others.

Trysh L Thompson

THE GUN – Promote Yourself



Received at the tender age of two,

It is fake

Again at the age of eight, a new model but still not real 

Now he’s taught that the gun is to kill


At fifteen a still newer model

But this time to hunt


At seventeen a better one yet

But this time it’s really out to get.


Not the deer, the rabbit, or a tin can

This target is a human man.

Shipped over to a far away place

Start shooting at every different face.

Died at the age nineteen with the gun that started his death at two.

This child could be any one of you.


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