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Poppy and the ladybird


As Poppy was flying through the trees,

A cry for help was heard

Upon the leaf of a dandelion

She saw a tiny ladybird

Poppy settled down beside the ladybird

To find out what was wrong

The ladybird answered tearfully

All of my beautiful spots have gone

They were stolen by a pixy

When I was fast asleep

Poppy was quite angry

For she knew it was Pixy Pete

He was always being mischievous

So poppy sought the help of a friend

She asked Elvis the elf for assistance

To bring Pete’s thieving to an end

They scoured the forest together

They found Pixy Pete, who looked quite pale,

He was so sorry for his actions

But alas he was put into jail

All the spots were recovered

And taken back to the ladybird

Who was deliriously happy?                                         

As for Poppy, three cheers could be heard.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Happy Fathers Day


1928 – 2011

I know you are no longer with us

There are things I wish to say

I never expressed my feeling

On this your special day

Is it to late to voice my love?

Of things I wished I’d said

Will you hear my plea?

Now that you are dead

I feel it’s very difficult

I don’t know where to start

For tears fall like a waterfall

As I suffer from a broken heart

My child I know your feelings

Theirs nothing for you to feel sad

You will now know the love

For you your Father had

Your Father is happy

He knows your words were few

For now you have a family

Who are very proud of you?

So when your family give you a card

Read the words on display

Know that verse is filled with love

To wish you happy Fathers Day

Malcolm G Bradshaw

New beginnings

New beginnings
Ever more smiles
Well being
Yesterdays past,

Tomorrows beginning
Excitement and cheer
Amongst family and friends,
Remembering the memories

We all share

The beginning of the new year
Is the time to reflect,

To make things clear
Twelve months have past

Just so quick

Like a camera flash
No time to dwell

A time to live and be well,
A new start for many

An end to all the worries
2012 is the new beginning,

A fresh start and an happy ending

Happy new year

Gemma C

Love one another

Give love and a smile; 

It will take you and others that extra mile. 

For what you give you will receive, 

No better time to give, than Christmas eve! 

Imagine what a world it would be, 

If I loved you and you loved me. 

If we multiplied this love to everyone we know, 

It wouldn’t be long before it started to grow. 

Jesus came into the world, to show us the way; 

To love one another every day. 

At Christmas time, we celebrate His birth, 

So let’s try to remember why He came to this earth. 

by Simon Icke 

In a world full of conflict, violence, selfishness, greed and hate, what better antidote than the Christmas message of faith, hope, peace and love….I hope you like the message in this poem; Please feel free to copy it out and send it to friends and family, so we can all spread a little more love around the world and hope that it makes a positive difference. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all those you care for… 

Peace and goodwill to all peoples of the world.

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