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For our own good

It is not out of naivety

Neither cowardice nor bravery

It is simply a matter of spontaneity

That I make my way to reach harmony

Through courtesy and behaving genteelly


So don’t think you are wiser

Superior or even smarter

It is simply I want to go further

And help you refine your behaviour

To make our coexistence better 


I tightly hug friendship

Though you regenerate hatred and hardship

And do your best to spoil my life trip

Beware! Life won’t give you a tip

Only bitterness is what you will sip


I believe in peace

Despite your malice

That feeds your own caprice

Beware! Greed will make you obese

And then you will sorely belch every piece


I believe in tolerance

Despite your arrogance

That feeds your foolishness and ignorance

Beware! Respect, demureness, love and patience

Are not my weaknesses but my weapons


My friend, your tendency to despise

Won’t take you any further or stop sunrise

Please open your heart and eyes

And with others you should harmonize

Winning people’s love is the best prize


© Chaouki M’kaddem

July 8th, 2012

A change is required

If we look about us what do we expect to see?

Would it be a world in which everyone is free?

A world where prosperity is shared by everyone,

Or one in which some people still live in poverty?


Is this the kind of world that God intended?

Is this scenario fulfilling God’s masterplan?

Or, has it come about through man’s manipulation,

With sin having an effect from the day the world began?


We are told that it was intended for man to live in harmony with God,

And that it was for his pleasure that man was created,

But man set out to gain his independence,

And for this reason, God’s plan has been frustrated.


Over the years the world has seen many changes,

But this does not mean it is a better place,

There have been many improvements in our standard of living,

But these do not apply to every member of the human race.


We live in a world where the burden of work has been eased,

Much of the hard labour has been replaced by machinery,

Many new tasks have been introduced,

Most of which are carried out by complex technology.


What difference has this knowledge made to us,

Are we living in a world where happiness knows no bound?

With all this progress in Science and technology,

Peace, satisfaction and harmony should be found.


To improve the conditions in which people live and work,

Is the objective for which people have fought and died,

The result of their work has been beneficial,

But each improvement can mean more people are dissatisfied.


We live in a world where comparison is rife,

Where many people are not satisfied with their lot,

They look around and see people with more than them,

Or, that some people have got something that they have not.


To many this is a cause of jealousy or envy,

They are not happy at another person’s obvious success,

They do not always accept that this success is deserved,

And this can lead to a sense of bitterness.


Social engineering has been applied to many aspects of our life,

But this has failed time and time again,

Real progress does not come about by changing conditions,

What is needed is a change in the hearts and minds of men.


Without this change other changes will be ineffective,

Greed, selfishness and intolerance will still hold sway,

There may be many improvements in our standard of living,

But in the long run we shall lose the day.


Ron Martin
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