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Commercialised Profanity – Promote Yourself

haunted-house (1)
Listen to the sound of the
alerts as you walk down the
street. You know where theyare, painted red with poison
on perfect skin, dashed with
fantasized beauty with a pricetag to match. They watch you with
eyes straight from a haunted house,
wanting to drag you into their

commercialised seduction and make
one hell of a killing. Listen, to
their cries for attention as you

walk into their shops, face their
faceless employees who have less
soul than the coins in your

pocket. Listen without contentment
for their lies of empowerment and
understand that walking like

fabricated oranges on the dance
floor isn’t the idea of personal
satisfaction. Listen to their

words and empty them out into
the manure pile, listen to their
words but don’t listen. Listen

to yourself and enjoy your beauty,
your life, your power without

My name is Anthony Keers and I live in the City of Manchester, England. Writing short stories has been a hobby of mine since an early age, but attempting to write poetry is fairly new. The majority of my work can be seen on my blog: If you like what you see, then keep checking it out as more is added weekly. Also, big thanks to Poetree Creations for publishing some great work!
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