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What is Success? – Promote Yourself


I once dreamt of that golden word,
Which plagues my days and haunts my nights,
A lighthouse upon boulders of fame,
Whose peripheral sea is strewn with blights.

I once dreamt of sweet, sweet success,
Till I tasted a morsel of that which I craved,
My tongue screamed Pull Back! and to this day,
I don’t really know from what I’d been saved.

I once dreamt of the top of the world,
Deeds immortalized and soul long sold,
I could, perhaps, wave at the faces below,
But for an acrophobic that’s a story untold.

I once dreamt of that V-shaped mark,
I could jot besides “SUCCESS!”
But frankly, checklists are to life,
As Checkers is to Chess.

I once dreamt of gold and glory,
Until blind ambition taught me a lesson well learned,
When the day comes that success has no name,
Only then will it be a true victory earned. Thanks! 😉

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