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Can you live in a home of wretchedness? – Promote Yourself

hello, I have poem that I would like you to promote on your successful blog, if you wouldn’t mind doing so.

its called “can you?” by myself, Tatiana Agatha Ennin.

my friend, Dajon Hoyte-Bruce and I run the poetry blog known as “” just for reference


You could bathe in a tub of cloudy tears to keep your mind “clean”…

You could feed yourself false propositions to oppose the hunger in your heart…

You could keep yourself warm with the scalding words that his tongue produced…

You could dress yourself in an attire of which consisted of a burden balanced on your head,

A weakened covering to protect your chafed, run down, calloused feet,

An emotional scarf weaved from the fibres of hardship, guilt, confusion and doubt.

Wrapped chokingly tight

around your neck.

To protect yourself from the cold air striking and reaching your chest.

Your chapped mouth…


Your insensitive nose.


Can you ever die in a home of wretchedness?


You could strangle yourself with the ropes that restricted you from trusting and feeling emotion.

You could hang yourself with the words that lifelessly and meaninglessly dangled from your lip.…


You stand on the boulder of corruption.

Hoping to majestically land on the base of which an overabundance of reliability and

inhabitation existed on…


You jump,

And wonder if you’re committing one of society’s most conventional motives.


You took the leap of something that would offer you ‘faith’.


You gracefully took the leap of death.




I would also appreciate it greatly if you gave me any personal feedback or response, via email. As I am a budding poet, aged 14 and I could definitely use some mature response.

thank you.
from Tatiana and Dajon :).

FEAR ITSELF – Promote Yourself

Fear itself

A speech for the ages heard these words loudly read

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” was boldly voiced

Reckless words spoken without true understanding

Made to seem as if said fear is all just in your head

“Fear itself” comes in many guises but brings only dread


Fear is eerily quiet and stealthily ever so cunning

It paralyzes the body and holds hostage the mind

Exceedingly clever, steadfast and eternally patient

As it lies silently in wait, your downfall forthcoming

Yes the power of “fear itself” is really quite stunning

It hides in the shadows to immerse you in icy pain

It burns hot like the sun as it preys on your weakness

Ignoring your strengths it plays tricks in your head

It’s power undeniable until all sanity has waned

Abandoned rationality and hope are all that remain


The fight against fear is a persons battle of wills

The man who spoke that day knew not what he said

Fear is a force not to be discounted or mocked for effect

Or our blood will stain dark as certainly as it spills

Because the undeniable truth is that “fear itself” kills.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed this piece.

Feel free to drop by my blog for more.


For want of a muse


For want of a Muse, I will imagine

There’s a madman standing by,

Whose shotgun he is pointing at my head.

He says if I don’t now knock out a poem

He will fire, and I’ll be dead.

Hold it right there, dear Mister Madman,

Keep that firearm aimed at me

Let it be the reason I’m attempting poetry-Not 
for love or money, nor as a bid for fame,

It’s just to keep him happy, playing his mad game.

Look it’s working, kindly lunatic!

Twelve lines already, span and spick.

Who would need a Muse, when a shotgun’s just as quick

In getting you to dish out line on rhyming line?

Yes, the thought of being shot at, seems to work just fine.

And no matter that it’s nonsense. Seeing he is mad,

Its lacking sense or reason won’t make him one bit sad.

So let this be a lesson to all attempting verse:

If you lack all inspiration, think of a loony at your side

Who says if you don‘t write a poem, this is the day you died.

Ron Gardner

The onset of migraine

The onset of migraine

Behind your eyes,

Glittering, dancing,

A half-moon of thorns

In darkness crown you.

Not Christ, may this be lifted.

Ron Gardner 23/9/11


Migraines & headaches 

Migraines and other types of headache – such as tension headache and sinus headache – are painful and can rob you of quality of life. Migraines are common and according to the NHS affect one in four women and one in 12 men in the UK. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity. Headache remedies include various types of pain killers. Migraine treatments may also include anti-sickness drugs and medications to prevent or stop headaches.

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