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A Diet of Herbs – Promote Yourself


They say that we are what we eat

And in many cases this appears to be so

For those folk who enjoy a regular ‘fry up’

Advertise the fact wherever they go

It is said that obesity is a problem

Affecting the health and wealth of our nation

So I have decided that I must do all I can

To ensure that my body does not suffer from inflation

So I asked my sister ROSEMARY for advice

And said I should try a diet of herbs

That SAGE could be beneficial

And it would help to divide the nouns and the verbs

My cousin BASIL said that he agreed

With much of what my sister had to say

He said we should eat more CORIANDER with our salads

And this would keep obesity at bay

At first this appeared to be working

And that it would require more THYME

And if this does not prove affective

At least it will give me time to finish this rhyme.

Ron Martin

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