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On fenlands of Lincolnshire – alone
Flapping against an aggression from the west
Borrowed clothes ripping as bellowed sails
Flecks of straw rising skywards in dust
A rigid form with fluid movement
Waving and bending and howling
Or is that the squalls of frightened seasons
On flatlands
On tilled earth
Beside the worm worn rook hops
Berates the form of tangled frightening
Folded scorn, in our clothes
Beyond lays a flattened horizon
A sun sets in solemn time
Lowers with the
Arms of the slanted soul who
Becomes shade and silhouette
Appears in a long view set against
A fading light
And whistles pitched high
Cut through this image of mankind.
Stephen Holloway.
 Nottingham poet

The Colours of Summer – Promote Yourself


My name is Denny B. Reese. I am a poet of Canada who graduated from Nipissing University with a Bachelor of English degree and am now working to be a self published author. Here is the poem “The Colours of Summer” that I would like to showcase on your site. I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity you offer.

The colours of summer
Come walk beside me on a summer day
See the children tossing sand
As they run across the beach with red pails in hand
Flashing smiles like the sun
And laughing with the gulls
See the white sails on the blue tinted horizon
Bobbing in the water like toy boats
In an overflowing bathtub
As the rush of water fills your ears
See the ball go up
Spinning away into the blue skies
Into the eye of the sun
Over the heads of children
Into the shining blue

Godefroy Dronsart :3 – Promote Yourself











No more brown coke with my fried bean to cup

No more binary synthetic harmony


No more processed elephant banter chit-chat

No more care for your surface black eye-rimmed eyeballs


No more menthol-laden ether tether dangling from the above sky


No more appointed love in appointed love-books


No more circumstance poetry


No more houses ogling at the bedroom windows of the other houses during ogling hours


No more labels for traumas under glass

No more silent time around exposed bodies

No more diagonal relief between heart beat-important patterns



(No more heart beat-important patterns)

No more time for addressing endings or give way to absence


No more impedance on the horizon

Hello !
My name is Godefroy Dronsart. I’m from France – and still living there for now. I was born in 1991. I have performed in London in the Poetry Cafe and in the Library bar in Islington regularly during Spring during an Erasmus exchange, then went back home and continued writing on a regular basis. I have been published in Poetry Weekly (a magazine now sadly dead and gone, but from its ashes might rise a new project, I am told …) and will be published in the Roehampton Student Anthology of 2013.
I enjoy poetry that takes twists and turns, and nothing delights me more than not understanding a line at first.

This can be found on my blog : (can this link be put at the end of the poem if it is published ? It would be great !) where I regularly share poetry with the world and reblog relevant articles about poetry found on other blogs.

Thanks for reading and for putting the Poetree blog in place !

Best wishes,


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