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It’s the Grand National
The world’s greatest ever race
The first fence comes so quickly, it’s 4ft.6”
But only time will tell
The second fence is even closer 4ft.7”
So if I jump this one
I must be doing well
But the horses just keep galloping on
The fences are getting higher
And now the next one’s here
My stomach is feeling queer
But the next fence is in front of me
It’s where that Captain Beecher fell
Now I am feeling dizzy I don’t know which way to go
Foinavon, Canal Turn, The Booth
And the Westhead are all in front of me
Next is The Chair just standing there
It’s 6ft tall the largest of all
Here comes the water jump
It’s not so tall but the longest of them all
I can see the winning post
Oh no there’s one more round to go
But the riders must ask for more
494 yards to go to the winning post
To win the greatest race of all
By Thomas Sims
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