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Red Bull Zombie – Promote Yourself

broken panes

Headlights blinking. Screens winking.
Flickers fast. Pulses past.
Faces. Stories.
From behind the glass.
Red Bull zombie—Zopiclone dreaming.
Rivers dammed. She is damned.
For counting cars. Memory jars. Covering scars.
Parked paces. Fragmentary faces.
Jeering. Leering. Revering?
Fleeting factualities. Through misted lenses.
Broken panes. Growing pains.
Ever-numb. Silently dumb. To the humdrum.
Ever-dark. Too bright. Plain socks dim the dizzying light.
Quickly gone. You dwelt too long.
You don’t exist anyway—Neither does she.
Blink. No change. Tries to focus—Out of range.
Nevermore. Hopeful of abating. Endlessly waiting…
To be me again.


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