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An Impression

Have you left your footprints in the sands of time?
Have you fulfilled your hopes and aspiration?
Are you proud of the way you have performed?
Have you brought any credit to our nation?
These are serious questions we must answer
When we calculate what our life is really worth
Is it one which has made a useful contribution
To improve life for other people on the earth
If we live for self and not for others
Or fail to recognise that they may be in need
There is no way we can make a good impression
And we shall need to work harder if we hope to succeed
If we are aspiring to make a good impression
And to leave our mark on our country’s history
Then our actions must impact on other people’s lives
To increase their happiness or to reduce their poverty
We should always try to set a good example
Otherwise our lives will prove to be hollow
The footprints we make might be very faint
But it could be a trail for other folk to follow 
Ron Martin
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