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“Innocence Lost” – Promote Yourself


She wants love
I love her not
I hide her in a vault

She comes out
I put her back
Nothing is her fault

In Penance Still
For what? Hard to tell…

Buried Deep
Still Buried Deep
Inside a personal hell

No One’s fault
Path of Life
Trying to make sense…

Never solved
Puzzle Still
Air is thick and dense

Dice still roll
What happens when they land?

Life Changes
Deal with the shifting sands

Heart grows cold
Things once lost not found

Eyes Wide Open
Inside these chains I’ve bound

Emily Bird

A misleading innocence


Some nonentities were looking for solace

And found it in  pride -ing themselves on insolence 

Toward the Prophet and a massive populace

On the pretext of freedom and spontaneous innocence

Anyone with little discernment can detect their malice


In short order, they spread such contemptuous rudeness

And made it a new trend and of frequent occurrence

To inflame people’s emotions and increase their sufferance 

And push the credulous to revulsion and violence

Just to satisfy the interests of people of consequence


I wonder, how can a spiteful fiend preach tolerance?

I wonder, how to be caught red-handed and claim innocence?

I wonder, how to prick people and impose silence?

I wonder, how to be corrupt and have conscience?

I wonder, how to support flagrant miscarriage of justice?


Hey! None of your pictures, words or movies

Can diminish the Prophet’s brilliance

 Nor make anyone of you a genius

Refine your creativity for the sake of peace

And remember: buttocks never release a masterpiece.


© Chaouki MkaddemSeptember 22, 2012

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