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King of the Land of Forget – Promote Yourself


My father’s king of the Land of Forget
and can never remember a thing,
from his crown to his robe to his scepter or ring
my dadly king cannot ever bring 
himself to get up and away at the start of each day
because of what’s slipped from his mind.

Regardless of all that he does to remind
himself of a long list of things,
he continues to rue and regret all the things that he let
disappear in the Land of Forget.

Tho’ he’s tied colorful strings
round his fingers and toes
and sticks stickies upon his large nose,
my father — the king of the Land of Forget
forgets wherever he goes.

Of course the very worst times of the year
which he fears as the worst to remember —
those three little months he forgets more than once:
September, November, December.

But he’s ever a part of my singular heart
and I’ll love him — no matter what goes
though his memory is short, he will always hold court
as the king of the Land of Forget —
and this he will evermore know.

by L. Stewart Marsden
Copyright © by Lawrence S. Marsden, 5 April, 2014

Forever and Always – Promote Yourself


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You possess my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


I will love you when your door is open,

On your best of days.

And I’ll love you when your door is slammed,

Right before my face.


My worthless soul is chained to you,

You own every part of me.

And if you find someone else,

I’ll be waiting right here patiently.


Whether you like it, or whether you don’t,

I’ll be here forever and always.

You can hurt me all you want,

But my affection won’t be fazed.


No harsh words can change my love,

For it has made me deaf.

I shall remain faithful,

Even though you left.


I hope that you are happy,

And she treats you like a king.

I hope she cares for your every need,

And succeeds your wildest dreams.


But if she treats you badly,

Please do not let her stay….

You deserve the finest,

No matter what they say.


Love, you captivate my thoughts.

You posses my beating heart.

No matter what, I’ll love you…

Till death set us apart.


© 2013, Riley Willson

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stars and moonxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Within the imagination of your mind
You could be a prince, queen or king
You could go anywhere in the world
In your mind you could do anything

You could sail the seven seas
Experience wind and storm
Feel the sun upon your back
Sailing from dusk until dawn

See the Seven Wonders of the World
The pyramids in all their wonder
All the artefacts that were stolen
Of thieves that did steal and plunder

Imagine you could fly  away
Way up high above the stars
The many wonders of the universe
The planets Jupiter and Mars

You could destroy war  and diseases
Prevent corruption and intimidation
Comfort the starving and the weak
Bring world peace to every nation

But alas it’s all in our imagination
I am afraid that’s where it will stay
We can only wish that our imagination
Will come to fruition one day
Malcolm G Bradshaw

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

In the second year of his reign Nebuchadnezzar had a dream,
He called his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers and Chaldeans to provide an
Unfortunately for them he could not remember what the dream was all about,
So none of the wise men could provide an interpretation.
The Chaldeans told the King that no-one would be able to explain the dream
He knew then unless he could provide them with more information,
For this cause the King was very angry,
And ordered that all the wise men should be put to death7 if they did not provide an
When Daniel heard of this edict he went to see the King,
For he and the other Princes were now included amongst the wise men of the nation,
He told the King that if he was given a little time,
That he would be able to provide an interpretation.
Soon afterwards Daniel returned to the presence of the King,
To report that he had been speaking to Jehovah who was the God of the Jewish
That the details of the King’s dream had been revealed to him,
And that he was now able to reveal the dream and to provide an interpretation.
In the dream you saw a beast with a head of pure gold,
Its shoulders and arms were made of silver, his belly made of brass7
His legs were made of iron, and his feet of iron and clay,
You saw a rock thrown which struck the feet of iron and clay,
Which caused the beast to collapse into complete disarray.
The beast represents the Kingdom of which you are the head,
The head of gold shows the power of the Kingdom in the present day,
But as the value of the metals diminish down to the feet,
So the Kingdom will diminish and slowly pass away.
When this has happened the God of Heaven will set up another Kingdom,
A Kingdom which shall last for ever more,
In the dream God has revealed to you what shall come to pass,
And the dream and the interpretation are sure.
King Nebuchadnezzar fell down on his face and worshipped Daniel,
And ordered that the people should offer him an oblation,
He recognised Daniel’s God as the God of Gods and the Lord of Kings,
And Daniel was recognised as a great man throughout the nation.
By Ron Martin

She is the ocean: The winner of the international poetry competition 2011 – Sponsored by Don Holmes a local Nottingham poet

I love the depth of the ocean

As it matches your gamut of emotions

Darkness, mystery, abundance and

To those who strive for vilification

I love the vastness of the ocean

As it matches your eyes description

So wide, so pure and lacking fiction

Calling me to dive without vacillation

I love the alterations of the ocean

As it matches your unexpected actions

That makes each scene with different

To lubricate the wheel of our interaction

I love the breeze of the ocean

As it matches your fascination

I feel King in your captivation

And you are Queen of my passion

© Chaouki
April 26th, 2011

International poetry entry 2011

The winning poem 2011

Triumph and Despair


When Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on an ass,

The prophecy of Zechariah at last had come to pass,

The population welcomed Jesus as their King,

And their loud hosannas all of them did sing.

Some cut down branches down from the trees,

And strewed them in His path,

But all of this only added to the Jewish leaders wrath,

For they were not prepared to except the claims that he had made,

And the acclamation of the people only made them more afraid,

For if, Jesus was allowed to set up a Kingship of his own,

They would loss the powers, which under Herod they had known.

A revolution now would bring this to an end,

And they felt that their position was one they must defend,

And so they began to plot and scheme and arranged for his arrest,

And dragged him into the judgement Hall where Pilate put him to the test.

Pilate asked some questions, the called the proceedings to a halt,

And he told the Jewish leaders “That in Him I find no fault,

But there is a custom that at Passover a prisoner is set free,

If I release Jesus to you it would be satisfactory to me”.

But the Jews called out “crucify him” His death we want to see,

You are no friend of Caesar’s if you set him free.

So, Jesus was lead away to die to satisfy the Jews,

Today his death would have been headline news,

But at that time no one looked at the cross in dismay,

For two others were also crucified on that very day.

No one realised that it was such a tragic loss,

But it was the Son of God, who was hanging on that cross,

He was hanging there as a sacrifice from sin to set us free,

And to pay the price that God demanded on behalf of you and me.


Ron Martin
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