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CHARACTER v. WORK – Promote Yourself


Okay so now there’s this dichotomy

Between a man and his conscience’s anatomy

What makes him greater?

His exploits or his character?

Some would argue, “what does it matter?”

The end justifies the means

The tasty pancake, the batter

The finish line, the short cut

The celebrity, the rut

Goodwill and good heart go out the window

All we care about is the gleaming end-product

There’s another thing imperative though

A subtle ingredient that thickens the dough

In the vineyard are delectable fruits

But what hold the desired succulence are the indispensable roots

Navigating through life, the reputation of our work precedes us

Albeit in the hearts of our guests,

To the audience of our person,

What remains indelible

Would be the inner you which to them was visible

That dazzling smile, the kindly heart

The spirit of your personality, that’s what’s more memorable

More than appellations, far exceeding the stellar

Your nature is rooted in their minds forever

So character versus work

Each having its perk

But rather,

Doesn’t have to be one or the other

Two rich potions that together

In the tub lather

I’m Setor Dzisenu, a new Ghanaian blogger currently living in Accra, Ghana. I’m also relatively new to poetry and look forward to learning more to better my work. Cheers!

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