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The many words she has inscribed upon the page
Reveal the unhappiness and anguish she has known
That she has suffered throughout her life can be seen
For in so many ways she has often felt alone
In her simple words she tries to show
Why it is difficult for her to understand
How life could deal her such cruel blows
Why fate had dealt her a losing hand
And so she picks up her pen to write
For she wants all the world to know
That unhappiness has marred her life
In the same way that the weather is blighted by the winter snow
But life is very much like seasons
The winter snow melts and spring eventually comes again
The sunshine will break through the clouded skies
And happiness will take the place of pain
And so she now faces life with hopes renewed
Knowing here are opportunities that she can take
Opportunities which will give her much satisfaction
And that failing to take them would be a terrible mistake
We can now see that her happiness is returning
But its completion may take a little while
The visions of joy which the future holds
Can now be seen in her winsome smile 
By Ron Martin



A life is filled with things we might have done
Choices not taken that we later wish we’d picked
Other times there were things said or actions
In retrospect, our own behind we should have kicked.

Yet none of us are perfect so we do make mistakes
Too many times we overreact and have our minds set
Whether just a wrong course or feelings gets hurt
We can’t dwell, spending our days living with regret.

We must learn from the past and look to the future
Not everyone will accept that we can change course
Those are the ones that will never let go of doubt
All you can do is move on, not making things worse.

We look to ones that will accept us as we truly are
Realizing the person we are inside, offering a hand
Look through the windshield, not the rearview mirror
Find those that will, by your side, always stand.

 Charles Townsend

Thank you for the flowers

Thank you for the flowers,

Their fragrance smelt so sweet,

Your kindness I will treasure,

Until once more we meet.


The sorrow you have shown,

The tears that you have shed,

No words need be spoken,

For in those tears all was said.


Try to understand,

That life will carry on,

My spirit has entered a better place,

Although my bodies gone.


My life must continue,

To achieve the very best,

But first I must compose myself,

And take a well earned rest.


Such a lot to do,

Of that I am sure,

For time does not stand still,

But carries on for ever more.

Malcolm G Bradshaw



Ups and downs nurture life


Patience and endurance help you survive


Never know when life can supply or deprive


Jumping into despair is a futile dive


Why not refrain and derive?


Seek your potentials to contrive


Original ways to strive


Against balks all along your drive


Never lose hope, but thrive


Till life gives you five!



© Chaouki Mkaddem    

May 28th, 2013


life and love

I could not live without love,
It’s my strength and my guide,
It’s knowing someone cares for you,
That they will always be at your side,

Love comes in many forms,
Love for family and friends,
Love for your partner,
A love that should never end.

The love for a new-born baby,
So gentle and so mild,
It was love that created,
That sweet and beautiful child.

Love for your fellow man,
Is felt when they are in pain,
Affected by their down fall,
Bring light in to their life again.

Love for life itself,
Be grateful for what you are,
Illuminate the light within,
Like the brilliance of a star.

Love lifts the spirit,
Love lifts the soul,
Give love to everyone,
That really should be our goal.

Malcolm G Bradshaw

Capture the moment – Promote Yourself


Snow on the hilltops
All night and day
There was snow
And the whiteness turned
In some places
With long steps
Tired steps
Of someone
The burden of his life

Besides warm clothing
And some worn out shoes
Socks those were fuming
For the wet sock
Why not seek love in hills
Covered with snow

Why a beloved is not born here
And why there is not
A mad man of the snows
Snow is not as cold
There is intense heat inside
And the beloveds of the snow
Let’s sing for them tonight
Let’s tell them to lit heavy fire
Let those chimneys emit smoke
Smoke the symbol of hope

And the fire burning
The smell of baking food
And the sweetness of the beloved’s
Let us invent a story of love
As the hills covered with snow
And the pine trees carrying the weight of snow
Bent down

And the distant houses
All covered with a thick white blanket
And some young girls
Making breads and hot tea for the loved ones
In the early morning
As more snow
Rains from the skies 

Sadiqullah Khan

Happy Birhday Gillian Jane Sims

Happy Birthday Gillian

 Another year as past

People say it will never last

People remember the past

Years gone by

Born to be



The years



And the love,

You can create for life

By Thomas Sims

Sweet Smiles


Sweet smiles

Of a child

Sweet innocence

Radiant skin

Beautiful within

Hours spent

Playing, laughing

Loving life

Sweet smiles

Of a child

Turning to giggles

Radiant skin

Beautiful within

Laughter contagious

Demanding love

Embracing the moment

Just the two of us

Gillian Sims

Photograph copyright Poetree Creations 2013

Sea Fever – Your Favourite Poem


I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking,

I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must go down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.


I still miss you – promote Yourself









There are days,
When I miss you
With a sudden intensity
Which surprises me.

It aches, in a way I didn’t deem possible,
In a heart, I didn’t know I possessed.
And I lie in this room feigning sleep.
Pining away, struggling with my existence.
While I choke from these strange arms enveloping me.

Should I strive, in vain, for you, most divine?
Or should I instead, be miserably content with what’s mine?

– Sreshtha Sen

ART OF HUMAN NATURE – Promote Yourself


Smooth surface;
Stone with curves of
Henry Moore,
In a stream.
Girl stricken,
Taking her legs
But not her heart;
Andrew Wyeth,
In the field.
Black & white figures;
Modern day
On concrete canvases.

Chiseled names
In blackness;
Sunlight &shade
Reveal lives past;
Maya Lin,
On the grass.

Women of texture;
Ordinary scenes,
Superlative color;
Romare Bearden,
By a tree.
Mother, child; boat;
Strokes of light & shadow;
Mary Cassatt,
On the water.

Murals of
Bracing colors;
Struggles for dignity;
Diego Rivera
Beyond the breadth.

Palette stream
In cataclysmic ash;
Edvard Munch,
In the sky.

 Wendy Shreve

Baby – Promote Yourself



You are

A long time




All time is



My time is

Yours since



But your

Time is

Not mine


It is yours

I get to

Watch it


To feel how

You are

Not in me


But you were

There you



Into a paw

Of blood

And time


It felt good

To share

To receive


Now I live

To give

You time

 Ana Maria Caballero

“Life and the Sky ” – Promote Yourself

life and sky

I think about the sky,
All the differences there,
It can be bright,
It can be cloudy,
Rain can fall down.

How are we different,
Or are we the same,
Do our emotions,
Match those same things?

Nature and life,
One and the same,
We go out in the world,
To experience life day to day.

I can be happy,
Be at peace where I am,
But the storm can come,
Shake ground I thought sound.

Will there ever,
Come a day,
When I am sure,
That what said will remain?

The sky is vast,
Beautiful at times,
Life feels the same,
Uncertain but still beauty we can find. 

By: Christine Blackwell


I am someone who is trying to make it through. Christine is a pseudonym for me. I am trying to get myself out there hoping to find a little more of myself through my persona and allow others to find something of worth in anything I might say. All I want is to help others realize that we mostly tend to struggle in similar ways and there are others out there who hurt like you, just try to be a friend and it can effect the world in beautiful ways. Art is a form of speaking for the soul. I release it all here, truth, anger, pain, joy, sorrow and sadness. I hope one day to be a published author of poetry books and novels, just continue to share what I love. 




The battle flag snapped and swung up to fly in the wind

Above the post on the hill that even God had forgotten about back then

Rifles swung up and pointed out and down across the clearing

Searing rounds were sent out for the human shearing

A burst returned ripped holes in the flag that flew in the wind

Blood and mud spattered, its fabric so worn and so thin

That flew above boys that day sudden turned into men

It snapped and swung up to fly in the wind

Above the post on the hill that no one, not even God knew about back then. 

 Copyright 2013 Gordon Kuhn
All Rights Reserved
kind regards

No matter what


No matter what

The world may throw

No matter what

Path we choose to go

No matter what

Mistakes we make

No matter what

Mess we create

No matter what

Lifestyle we lead

No matter what

We feel we need

No matter what

You are the one

No matter what

Who I can depend on

Gillian Sims

Tidying the corners of your life

When you tidy the corners of your life

It is surprising what you may find,

Things that you had forgotten

That somehow were left behind,

It has been said that it is good for the soul

To tidy the corners of your life,

It cleanses your soul and your mind

And blows away your cobwebs

To concentrate on your goals,

Like a change is as good as a rest

There is nothing to compare,

To put you to the test

So if you are feeling blue

Just take the time,

To start tidying the corners of your life

There is nothing to be lost,

It may show you a path to new horizons

And a clearer kind of life

One that may be inspirational,

One that you may find just right

By Gillian Sims 2011


I’ll soon be leaving the University of Life
I hope my final exam result will be first rate
But I hope to travel on to the Eternal City
And to receive a warm welcome at the Golden Gate
It is the place where I hope one day to be
Where I can fulfil my hopes and my desires
Not a place where the streets are paved with gold
A place of harmony enveloped in the music of heavenly choirs
I know that entry into the Eternal City is not automatic
And not everyone will find acceptance there
The decision will be affected by our record here on earth
That is something of which we should be aware
Not many people today believe in eternity
In fact it is hard to understand what they really do believe
They might feel that death is the end of our existence
And that eternity is difficult for them to perceive
For this reason they indulge themselves in earthly pleasures
Hoping this will provide happiness until death takes our life away
But each of us should carefully assess our situation
For we may have to answer for ourselves on Judgement Day
By Ron Martin

Another life

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