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Money madness

One day I found a spider
And trapped him in a jar
Hoping he would bring me luck
Without me looking far
He was a money spider
I hope he brings me some
There’s nothing in my wallet
When do you think it will come?
I ask him everyday
To help me grow my tree
He doesn’t seem to want to help
Or bring anything for me
Maybe I should let him go
Then he might give in
I think I’ll let him live in peace
And see what he will bring
But as I go to release him
I notice the web he made
Has turned into a paper bill
Which to me he gave
He seems to enjoy his new home
And so I keep him there
And each and every single day
He makes money which he shares.
       Abbe Cutforth

March Hare

And she spotted the blur at once.
Standing stock still
the spaniel took a stance
of anticipation.
One single solitary hare
jinked and swerved to the
tune of a month’s madness;
I attempted to restrain the
anxious beast but
she was gone, too strong;
a gundog unleashed,
Instincts released,
quarry insight,
on comes the night.
Two shadows:
weaving amongst grasslands,
the hare all speed,
the spaniel all duty;
I view the spectacle
with admiration;
beauty and nature
as one;
as hundreds of years ago.
The spaniel stops in disgust,
snorting rapidly;
the hare turns, I’m
sure he laughs,
and takes a bow:
the spaniel and I depart:
silhouettes showered by moon dust.
 Stepthen  Holloway
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