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Mystique and magical fun

Wow it is Goose Fair

Where I have arrived

A magical land

Full of glistening jewels,

That stands before my eyes

Every one lit up like

Diamonds in a crown

Like a rainbow in the sky,

The beauty is all around

Like a magnetic field,

It beckons me

To the  mystique of the big wheel,

I follow the crystals

One by one,

Every one a different colour

Enticing me to discover,

Each and every ride

Is mystique and magical fun

By Gillian Sims

Witchcraft & vampire ; Wizardry – Promote Yourself

whitch craft9999999

Dead; my beloved is magical

let her rest in peace

for my mistress has gone-

into a deep-deep sleep

falling into a wicked realm of calm

unlike the panic and distress-

of when things go wrong

and with the swift swing of a wand

all is good and all is well

witchcraft and wizardry spells

and all is forgotten in the mind of my beau

poor little lovely thing boiling in a stew

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