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Maggie Thatcher – Your favourite poem


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She was known as the Iron Lady
a name she liked to revel in
as she was a strong and forthright leader
three elections she went on to win.
But she wasn’t liked by all
and the Miners despise her name
she upset the Unions as well
so like the Pit Men their hatred is the same.
Yet she survived a bomb in Brighton
and sent our troops off to war
she wouldn’t let the Argies have the Falklands
and their soldiers surrended by the score.
She’s now getting a funeral fit for a Queen
the like not seen since Churchills in Sixty Five
Statesmen from around the world are attending
as it’s shown on our televisions live.
Personally I never really liked her
as at times she appeared to have no heart
yet I did admire her strength of conviction
but I’ll never forget how she tore my City apart. 

Kevin Halls
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