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My sea life

 I wish I was a mermaid under the sea
Imagine what kind of life that would be,
To be friends with the dolphins, crabs and fish
To live under the sea is my wish,
I would swim the ocean floor forever
Every day would be a new adventure,
A different life in the depths of the sea
With no one around but the fish and me,
A perfect life of peace and love
Just me and the sea and nothing above

Abbe Cutforth




I dreamt I was an angel

Descending from the sky,

I lived amongst the clouds

Way up high,

Now I was falling

So very fast,

Someone was calling

My name

I heard the echo

Ringing in my ears,

I didn’t want to know

I kept falling

Falling, faster,

Someone was still calling

When I landed

In the sea,

I saw mermaids

They all

Surrounded me,

Just bathing

And waving

In the bright blue sea,

I swam into a cave

And could not

Believe my eyes,

There was a mirror

In front of me

Very large in size,

Staring back at me

Was a mermaid

So beautiful was she,

I could not

Stop staring,

Then I realised it was me

Gillian Sims

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