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CHRISTMAS FOR THE BROKENHEARTED (A Song of Hope) – Promote Yourself


CHRISTMAS – Promote Yourself


 Christmas has come round again every one should sit up and listen, joyful sound and laughter, don’t just stay in its like a prison.                                                          Christmas will soon be here, wave your arms and give a cheer, friends and family all around, warmest wishes to be found.        Peace and forgiveness, is what’s said lay down your grieves es, bury it instead.                            All is quiet peace at last enjoy christmas and have a blast.                                          [Merry christmas every one ].   

Patricia bourne word press 2014

Baby, Merry Christmas! – Promote Yourself

The weather outside is cold
We’ll sit by the fireplace
We’ll cuddle and be cozy
And stare at each other’s face.

Wait till we hear Christmas bells
And the night is filled with peace
Give each other a Christmas kiss
And we’ll fill our peace increase.

It’s a time of joy and love
In our hearts to be filled
On this very special night
Our love will be sealed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Ahead, Baby

!Author: Patrick Sunday, submitted by Joe A.

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