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These Hopeful Times – Promote Yourself

This time we live in is the so-called end time, some say. That notwithstanding,
it’s not the end yet; so long as there’s hope, there’s time; both are a-wasting.
Hope springs eternal … Pope wrote in his “An Essay on Man”; but following
the ellipses … is to be found … a greater … meaning.
For following the ellipses, Pope went on to write, “Man never is, but always to be
blessed ….” Call it what you will then, whether it be
wishful thinking, or a positive attitude, it is what it is and will ever be
and that is … hope ever springing … if not eternal … but temporally. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

On Reading the Handwriting on Walls – Promote Yourself

Proof Positive of an Almighty Sense of Humour

Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh’s people are all of us notwithstanding that some of us
haughtily consider that they … and they only, enjoy a ‘most favoured’ … status.
The rise to notoriety of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State and the Caliphate
via a magnetic attraction for disaffected … misogynists … takes the cake.
Ever more disagreeably disagreeing in this tragic-comic ‘reality’, The Big Three,
Muslims, Christians and Jews … may yet reconsider … albeit … belatedly. 
By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico

@chachomanopapa on Twitter

MEMORIAL DAY … MEMORIES – Promote Yourself

There’s a bullet with my name on it.
It may be in the magazine.
It may be in the chamber. Or … it
may be … in the air … unseen.
How long until romantic notions of seeing the world and being all you can be
surrender to the unbearable reality of PTSD’s insanity?
How long, if ever, until the romantic notion of the glory of being a warrior be
relegated to the dust bin… of history? 

By Miguel Vera from Puerto Rico
@chachomanopapa on Twitter

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