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When I Look Into The Mirror


When I look at myself in the mirror
I question who is standing there
I don’t recognize the reflection
Of an old person with grey in their hair

Within myself I don’t feel old and useless
My mind at the moment is as sharp as a pin
Although my body doesn’t function it used to do
And my face and hair are both thin

I can’t run as fast as I used to do
And I can’t jump a five-barred gate
I have to leave the house early
Making sure I am on time, never late

They say we should grow old gracefully
No matter what changes take place
I suppose I should be thankful for what I have
For being part of the human race

Malcolm G Bradshaw

“Reflect” – Promote Yourself


Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me how and when I will fall.
To my dismay, find my demise –
As quickly as I shut my eyes.

Stumbling through this life –
Failing once more to end my strife.
As wonderful I thought I was –
It’s hard to like this body still.
It’s hell to keep on thinking still.
For every motion and every memory –
One more mistake I cannot bury.

As Hippocrates once had spoken –
“Primum non nocerae”
A verse I wish had been known to me –
And long ago.
How awful has this thing become?

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me where and when I had gone wrong.
People, people that I love –
Apologies for my misuse.
Of terrible likeness I’ve wandered still.
No healing found in depths of heart.
I’ve faltered, fumbled yet again.
But still, oh still –
I strive to mend.
And fail I do –
In every measure.
What good in me is still found?

Constantly soliloquizing –
And of my falters, so done trying.
Giving up is just so easy –
Yet letting go is still so hard.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me God and let me fall.
People, people here around me –
Come close here, and please surround me.
Throw your stones and curse my name.
Perhaps I will begin again.

My heart, my heart!
Oh blackened, bruised –
A soul come tattered and abused.
Coming to be, and changing still –
The same I am not, and never will.
Who I become, I may not love –
Though life too precious to be given up.
As much as I would like to cease –
Something here, still me –
It keeps.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –
Show me hell and watch me burn.
Demons, demons here around –
Come surround and tear me down.

Of loving and confusion kind –
And of the hurt I’ve left behind –
Apologies do not suffice.
Of this world, which I survive –
I’m finding myself unpleasantly surprised.

As saddened as I have become –
I seek out wonders to the tongue.
I search for goodness in the world –
And empty handed I become.
Of all the things that I have done –
Of all the things that I may do –
I doubt that they will be enough.

In realizing myself true –
I fear, a fire does indeed brew.
Of wishing I could kill this here –
To set anew a person, clear.
Of wanting all the world to see –
Yet hiding face, berating still.

Mirror, mirror on the wall –

Show me my face and let me die.”
Evan martinez

Hello there, my name is Evan J. Martinez, I live in the U.S, I’m only in my sophomore year of high school and I’m learning to become an electrician, and I am the owner of the blog “” (wolfpacey’s blog)

I would like to thank you for liking my poem “Fin” and I wanted to submit a poem that I am especially proud of.

The Mirror – Promote Yourself

fair lady

Finally the fair lady
Stepped up to the mirror
After a grueling make up session
To avoid the natural horror
The traditional line outburst
“Mirror, mirror on the wall
(the same one from the “snow white tale”)
Who is the fairest of them all
The mirror, a coward
Afraid of being thrown out
Did his pretense well
Of flaunting the beauty beyond doubt
The sweet song of praise
Were like music to the lady’s ears
The endless description of her beauty
Were like medicine to the mirror’s fears
And so the session of admiration
Went on for years
Much to the delight of the fair lady
And to the disgust of ones near
Till one day it so happened
The mirror got a crack
An outcome of the dresser’s plight
For which the fair lady gave her a sack
The broken glass of reflection
No longer fit the lady’s match
His melodious beauty songs
No longer the fair lady’s attention catch
The broken and despaired one
Who knew his days were numbered
Waited for the de day
When fate would have him surrendered
Daily with the fair lady’s arrival
Prayers were being recited at double pace
The total dictionary of beauty was narrated
Yet no change on the fair lady’s face
The de day came
With sharp instruments piercing through
The mirror was cut and chiseled
Till it became shining new
The mirror’s devotion paid off
It now dazzled with beauty
But now, a hand mirror
It was now owned by Little Miss Fair Lady
And so the little one
Carrying the heritage of the fair lady’s blood
Continued on the tradition
Of the make-up and admiration flood
With the relieved mirror
Still in her possession
Ladies anticipate for it to break
To get a piece of the glittering passion
written by
Nita Varma

Mirror, Mirror – Promote Yourself


Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Fairest maiden

Loved by all

Mirror, mirror

Glass so cold

For ageless beauty

Her soul is sold

Mirror, mirror

Mind plays tricks


The river Styx

Mirror, mirror

Sharpened blade

Flashing silver

Gashes made

Mirror, mirror

Struck the deal

Ageless beauty

But life to steal

Mirror, mirror

Cut so deep

Crimson lifeblood

Soul to reap

Mirror, mirror

DEVIL deceiver

Curse the BEAST

This foolish believer

Mirror, mirror

Castle wall

Soul collector

Comes to call

Another entry for promote yourself. Feel free to see what’s new anytime at

Thanks again PC for this outlet.


THE CITY – Promote Yourself


Dusk in the city
The bars are filled with the young
Each with their own style
But as the bar fills
Bump into mirrors as
They squeeze past.
The man standing outside
Interested in the crowd
His smoke blows into the air
It dances with the mists
Of time
That are forever present
On these streets
Haunted tonight
Not from histories ghosts
The ghost of her.
The buildings
Each one a reminder of something
They passed at one time
Hand in hand
Life in life.
Now no more
Their life now becomes
More mist to be added
To this city.

There is a building over the road
The window face out over
A crossroads.
How many have sat
And dreamed about a life to come
Or a life that was.
Plans so important to those
Who sat there?
Now only remembered
By the walls that
Still stand.
The cigarette stubbed out
Placed in the bin
In case the birds eat it
She was always worried about those birds
A small smile comes on his face
Another bit dies inside
Over the loss.
Passes through the others
Standing in the bathroom
Washing his hands
Trying to wash away the decision made
He knows the ghosts
Are telling him something
When he is unable to look
At himself in the mirror.

Gabriel Denver

MonochroMe – Promote Yourself

The world Is in so many colors,
Like white in snow,
Sun in yellow,
Gun in silver,
Blue in the river
And gold in gold,
Red bold in blood,
Violet violent in flood,
Like a snake silent in grass,
And bronze color in brass,
The black in long hair,
And rusty brown inside a dragons lair,
All these colors in the world,
Astonish me with their might,
Then how come I find myself in the mirror,
Black and white….

Himanshu Goel

The sleepwalker

Like a ghost

Your face is white

You walk silently

Through the night,

You sleep walk

From room to room

Clinging to the hope

It will be daylight soon,

Your Victorian silhouette

Flickers across the wall

You tiptoe down the stairs

Then stop and hug the crimson hall.

You open your eyes

In front of the mirror

You don’t like

The person uncovered,

When asleep

You could bury

All of your memories to keep

By Gillian Sims

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