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In my millionth moment

It is in my millionth  moment

  That I need

To sit beside the calmest sea,

Where I could spot a pirate,

On a desert island

hiding in a huge palm tree,

I could run along

The water’s edge

And feel the softness of the sand,

I could follow the clouds

To the promised land

In my millionth moment

Or I could sit in a sea cave,

And anticipate in isolation,

How far I could stretch my imagination

Across the deepest blue waves,

In my millionth moment

I could imagine a mermaid

Visiting me in my sea cave,

reading my future From old tea leaves,

Telling me stories

Of pirates and thieves,

Who hide in huge palm trees

In my millionth moment

By Gillian Sims

Human – Promote Yourself


Thousands of miles separate our beings,
but not my mind from you.
I dreamt a dream last night,
brutal in honesty.
It tore at the very fabric of me,
and tears would all but form behind my eyes.

I think of things often and sometimes,
of you, of things you have said.
You speak of only being ‘caught up in a moment’,
but it is a moment that binds me to its eternity.
days pass like ages,
still your scent lingers around corners.

I close my eyes,
and in this smell of you,
your taste, your grace,
the small fire nestled in my belly,
it burns softly.
Warmth in the darkest of winters.

Why have our souls,
yours and infinitely mine,
been so blessed?
A love that tears at the seams of all things.
It remains close to my chest,
as it is all things we hold dear.

Morning’s light,
a dance on window’s sill.
Another night’s past.
I smile gently,
that empty feeling rises from my gut,
it comforts me in all familiarity.

This pain in my chest,
it waits for you.

It reminds me of my humanity
when I am at my most weak.

In love, in fear, in doubt,
in all things that I am.

I remember your name.

For you have showed me the meaning of


© D. A. Yew

Poetry by DAY

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