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Re Poems

The Nottingham Post has been in touch, about the poetry not being published Monday to Friday. Their explanation was that only regular poets were sending in their work and no-one else, this meant that they have not enough poems to publish during the week. I then suggested that the paper put a notice to this effect and to invite all poets within the area of the paper to send in their work or comment on their statement.

It then transpires the main reason is that the Letters page takes priority over the poems I was told that they were not intending to put poems in the paper Monday to Friday

The member of staff I spoke to said he would consult his editor about putting more poems in the paper on Saturday’s.

As you can see for yourselves, there is a contradiction on both subjects.

What I would like to see first is constructive comments on both issues.

I cant believe the poets are not sending poems in to the Nottingham Post, because there so much hidden talent out there, and I am sure readers of the Post have missed the beautiful poems submitted by all poets.

Are we to stand by and allow this to happen? I know poetry is not everyones cup of tea.

Surely, it is every readers right to show concern on issues such as this. Remember we all have the right to voice our opinions as to what we like or dislike , we contribute towards the paper by purchasing it every week, although the price has been increased.

Malcolm G Bradshaw


I will keep you informed of more developments when I receive them from

The Nottingham Post.

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