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Money madness

One day I found a spider
And trapped him in a jar
Hoping he would bring me luck
Without me looking far
He was a money spider
I hope he brings me some
There’s nothing in my wallet
When do you think it will come?
I ask him everyday
To help me grow my tree
He doesn’t seem to want to help
Or bring anything for me
Maybe I should let him go
Then he might give in
I think I’ll let him live in peace
And see what he will bring
But as I go to release him
I notice the web he made
Has turned into a paper bill
Which to me he gave
He seems to enjoy his new home
And so I keep him there
And each and every single day
He makes money which he shares.
       Abbe Cutforth


I saw an old man down in the market
I thought he look terribly depressed
He had tears rolling down from his eyes
I wondered what these tears expressed
I said “What’s the matter old fellow
Surely your life can’t be that bad
It upsets me to see you crying
Please tell me why you are so sad”
He said “I am eighty two years of age
My wife has just turned thirty eight
She makes love to me every night of my life
I’m sure that many would envy my fate”
“She does all of the washing and cleaning
She is also a very good cook
She never asks me for any money
I know that I have had my share of luck”
I said “I cannot understand your depression
You’ve had your share of the blessing that life can give
Please tell me what is the cause of your upset?”
He said “I can’t remember where it is that I live”
By Ron Martin
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