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Typical Sunday Night – Promote Yourself








Sitting here Sunday night
I’m anxiously awaiting something of importance
Anything with substance
I need to get my head right for distinguishing alibies and truth around

I want to cry out
Both tears and screams
I feel I need someone to examine me
Spinning I strikeout it’s about to be lights out I dread a black out

Agonizing over apologizing makes me fearful
Feeling like I’ve injured myself burning hot
Fire pokers impaling and vital organs need to heal
That’s always a losing battle having quarrels with rivals

Breathe damnit girl get it together
Do something of importance
Get off of your knees
Put on your armor yes you can stay bitter you just need to be calmer

Think think think
Over analyze the previous interaction
How will that help
Rethink Inner dialect and get a drink from the bathroom sink

I have no clue
What is going on
I don’t know
Subdue taboo thoughts of you

Need want lust love crave
Everything bad is good for me
My brain doesn’t work correctly
The way I behave will only pave my path to my grave

This is never ending
Loops circles round objects
Lot of disproportionate holes
Dripping on the floor pieces of me like I’m seeding

Pick me up water and plant me
I want to grow tall and stronger
I’m wilting and dying
Just agree even if it’s out of pity a masochist best describes me baby I’m so

For Tuesday mornings

 Kelley Stephens

Hi my name is Kelley Stephens and I live in Oklahoma, My blog is Casa de la K and you can find me at I hope everyone enjoys!

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