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My soldier boy

  There was a knock at my door
 A soldier stood there all forlorn,
I recognized him as my boy
A boy who went to war,
Now he wasn’t a boy any more
Now he has grown into a man,
This is my son
Who I had not seen for so long,
Who I’d yearned to see for such a long time
He stood at my door in all his prime,
It must have been a year or two today
When I had last heard him say,
“Hello mother”
There will be no other,
My one and only stood in front of me
I said “come on in son, I’ll make some tea”
My soldier boy

 Thomas sims

Mother’s Passing -Promote Yourself



Here comes Tubby Jones
Bringing out the cones.
‘Will Tubby be playing today?’ His mother said.
‘It all depends on how much he’s been fed!’

I felt such a nit,
When I told her he wasn’t fit.
‘I would love to play him in a game,
If the other lads didn’t hold him to blame.’

‘He stands still on the spot,
When he could have had a shot.’
Poor Tubby Jones does his best,
But he can’t run like all the rest.

‘You must play him’ says Mrs Jones,
‘If you don’t his father moans!’
‘Oh Mrs Jones why do you feed him so?
If you want him to make it as a pro.’

‘I’d love to put him in a team,
You probably think me ever so mean,
But I have to be fair to the other lads,
Who run and run like their dads.’

‘You need to help your son get fit,
Encourage him to run not sit,
Vegetables and salads are what he needs,
Instead of all those massive feeds.’

‘If you love your Tubby so
And want him in the team to show.
Please listen to what I say,
And he should be playing by next May!

© Simon Icke 1998 Aston Clinton, Bucks. UK.

Footnote : As someone who has managed children’s football teams for a number years in the past, I know the pressure placed on managers by parents who think their son should be playing centre forward even though he is not good enough to make the sub bench. It is always difficult to be fair to all boys and everyone should be made welcome to training sessions and given the same opportunity to improve. However, in my experience at managing successful junior teams, when it comes to selecting the team, you have to choose the best lad for each position irrespective of who the parents are and the pressure they place on you to see their boy as centre forward!…but most clubs have a reserve team or a B team to help players improve or improve their fitness. I always believed in the three things when it came to coaching kids football: Encourage! Encourage! Encourage! and that football should be fun as you will read in my football poem: Touchline Shouting.
This poem was first published in Aston Clinton Primary School’s Anthology of football poems; see  Titled Poetry in Motion Football! Football! Football! Published Nov 98 by Simon Icke. It is now out of print but you can find some of the poems from the book at: and many more amusing football poems by hundreds of different authors. It was the world’s first and only dedicated football poetry website; based in Wiltshire, England.

 See also about healthy eating in:Let’s let off steam( Eat your fruit and veg)
Written by Gillian Sims.Taken from The Manners book

On the bus

To meditate would not be easy

On this bus where raucous children

Run up and down although not meant to,

Laughing, giggling, almost, you might imagine,

Uncontrollable. A happy pair whose mother

Might restrain them, had she the energy,

And passengers might mutter to themselves,

‘Look at the scamps mountaineering bus seats,

Full of the life that in the rest of us

Has settled down to mild acceptance.’

Ron Gardner

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