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The big thaw


The days of rain it seems are here to stay
The weather more extreme almost every day
Climate change it it man made ?
Is there still time for the planet to be saved?

Opinions a plenty and theories abound
As the rain falls in torrents soaking the ground
Floods sweeping away all we hold day
No respite for the north the sky isn’t clear

Bridges swept away lives taken in a blink
Is our earth now moving nearer the brink?
Is it our fault this? or just natures way?
A changing earth? or God at play?

Manipulated data scientists making it real
Wade through the evidence but what is the deal
Who do we believe now , what can we do
Does the answer lie, with me and with you

Switch off another light, turn down the heat
Will global warming beat a retreat
Will the ice caps slow their mighty thaw
Or are we all queuing at heavens door

I must admit it does cause concern
As fossils fuels continue to burn
The oil is running out we’ll be in the dark
No flicker no flame no warmth or spark

If it continues on no humans are needed
If we ignore all the signs and warnings unheeded
A great swathe of water will swallow the earth
A new age will begin a time for rebirth

By Terrimac
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