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THE WIND HOWLS – Promote Yourself


 This effort was published in 1979 by New Worlds Unlimited in their anthology, Visions of the Enchanted Spirit.


A RAINDROP FALLS – Promote Yourself


NIGHT RAIN – Promote Yourself


The darkened hush of an autumn evening,

a distant murmur and a world of sound approaches.

The window sweats great flowing beads

yet in darkness

where colors turn to gray

and reality to hazy contours,

night hides the rain.

As if only the sound exits.

Night does this.

Night, a time for sounds,

a time for memories that have no sounds,

only pictures alive within a darkened mind.

A raindrop blurs a scene unchanged

time, a memory’s life.

   Walt Trizna

I am submitting my poem, Night Rain.  It was first published in 1984 by New Worlds Unlimited.  I own the rights.
My name is Walt Trizna.  In addition to poetry, I write science fiction and horror short stories and have one published novel,
New Moon Rising.
I had a poem published by New Worlds Unlimited in their anthology, Voices of the Majestic Sage.


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