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TREE OF LOVE – Promote Yourself


First kiss up an oaken tree,
As we swung from branch to branch.
Boys who wrote notes
And hid them in my textbooks.
Holding hands ; laughing at a movie we hardly watched.
Unrequited love that they would never share,
But I would try anyway.
Big city, dark lights, a mini-skirt;
Only a brief encounter, lesson not learned.
Years of undefined relationships, leaving nothing.
Until I remembered that young girl sitting in the tree
And how little she wanted: only a kiss, a boy to call her own.
Decades later the woman has become all she could be
And all you will ever need.
She has challenges still to overcome ;
But you swear you do, too.
Forget the adult charades;
All that has passed before;
Only look at what we have.
Everyday a new adventure;
Every week a new discovery;
Cherished moments we have together;
Love, unqualified, until time is gone
And we return to love in its purist form.

Wendy Shreve

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