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SELENE – Promote Yourself

Thou art a Glorious Pearlescent Orb of Light,
a Gleaming Silver Beacon in the Darkness of Night,
O’ Shining Mistress of the Ocean’s Salty Tide,
Daily an Arc across the Ebon Sky you Ride,
Dark to Light to Dark, Thy Splendor Waxes and Wanes,
Bound to Earth by Gravity’s Heavy Chains,
Cycling Endlessly from Birth to Maturity to Death,
Thine Lambent Beauty Takes Away my Very Breath,
Trifold Goddess: Daughter, Mother, and Crone,
I Feel Thy Pulse Endless in my Blood, Body, and Bone,
Thou Dancest Serenely amongst the Burning Stars,
in a Stately Waltz with Mercury, Venus and Mars,
Long may Thy Argent Light Shine,
Incomparable Radiant Deity Divine.


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