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I look to you

When I feel I can’t fight the world anymore

I look to you for an open door

Your shoulder to lean on

Your hand to stroke away my tears,

Your soft voice to console all of my fears,

Your reassurance that you will protect

Me from harm and neglect,

I look to you for an open door

When I feel I can’t fight anymore,

I need your gentle hand

To guide me through

The rough exterior of this land

I look to you for an open door,

Where I know I will be safe

Not lost anymore,

I know you will be there for me

When I feel I can’t fight the world anymore

I will be reassured

Once I have entered your open door

Gillian Sims

Welcome friend


Open the door to the spirit world,

A loved one is on their way,

To join all those that loves them,

For them it is a special day.


For them the suffering has ended,

Released from all earthly pain,

To walk in the presence of God,

To live and smile again.


To cast away the earthly shell,

To set the spirit free,

For they will be dearly blessed,

In the spirit world, they will see.


Just another dimension,

Just another sphere,

Returning to their home,

To those they hold so dear.


Do not look on their death with sorrow,

But send them on their way,

With love and reassurance,

To the spirit world to stay.



Malcolm G Bradshaw

Wretched Doors – Promote Yourself


I was wondering where the doors had gone?

Only, people say they’re everywhere,

waiting to be opened.

But there hasn’t been a doorman,

or a letter with an address.

to show me where these wretched doors are,

I am confused, I must confess.

They say these doors give chances,

and I’d like a few of those,

but it seems these doors are hard to find,

I don’t suppose you have a map?

Safah Ahmed

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