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Now that you have left me

Now that you have left me
I think of you each day
I am so lost and lonely
Since you passed away
The sun has lost its warmth
The songbirds lost their song
The flowers have lost their beauty
Now my love you have gone
I have cried all my tears of sadness
My heart has broken too
The ache is now unbearable
I just don’t know what to do
My faith has been severely tested
I feel so frustrated and angry inside
Nothing seems to console me
Since the tragic day you died
My child, grieving for a loved one
That’s when your mind is healing
Emotions you experience are natural
And everything else you’re feeling
You will feel the warmth of the sun
You will see the beauty in the flowers
Remember you are truly blessed
For all the memories you have are ours

By Malcolm Bradshaw

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