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These city pigeons

Strolling around our feet

As though we are St Francis,

Sticking out their necks

Intent on fossicking,

We envy their waddling nonchalance

As we with trepidation tread

Past chewing gum and litter

On streets unpaved with gold

By Ron Gardner 2011

No matter what


No matter what

The world may throw

No matter what

Path we choose to go

No matter what

Mistakes we make

No matter what

Mess we create

No matter what

Lifestyle we lead

No matter what

We feel we need

No matter what

You are the one

No matter what

Who I can depend on

Gillian Sims


      some people in our lives
can’t be thanked enough for things they 
  do you see they are being themselves
  Rebecca you are one
  from the bible I will treasure you and your name
The lady as my son refered to her
since and always I will do the same
a very special lady
beyond being a nurse
your voice I still hear so wonderful
like an angel sent from heaven
placed here to help on earth
I thank you from myself my son
for being who you are
not a nurse much more by far
on us first meeting im sure 
our dear lord released a special star
for the comfort we received in my sons
hour of need
was definitely sent by a higher power

        through Rebecca

Sandra Cameron

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London firework display 2012

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