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No Turkeys left in Norfolk

Turkeys thomas                                                                                                               

My turkeys have done a runner

No turkeys as far as the eye can see

Are the little blighter’s hiding away from me?

I rang the Police

I informed the TV

Now their pictures have been made public

For everyone to see

The telephone will not stop ringing me

Because now they have all been spotted

Outside Bernard’s Norfolk turkey factory

I switched on the telly

News flash


Bernard’s turkeys on the run

Running around Norfolk having lots of fun

So there will be no turkey

on my plate this Christmas

Just because there’s

no turkeys left in Norfolk

It won’t stop my Christmas fun


By Thomas sims

THE LIGHT – Promote Yourself


My darling
My beautiful one
Why did you leave
I was gone only in the physical sense
I’d never leave you
I told you that in those,
final hours.
All you had to do was listen to the beat of your heart
and you’d know
I was with you.
I’m always with you.
Why have you travelled to this place
You knew what you were doing
what you were giving up
when you signed that….
Travelled far
Used the last of our bond
to be able to breath into you
once more.
I have nothing left now
the last between us
is dying.
My darling
I felt your pain
I battled as hard as I could to stay
In the end the body gave in
You knew we would be together….
One day,
In a place where time
does not exist
You had to wait though
Now look what you have done
what you have given
to them
In order to try and somehow
ease my pain,
You cannot cross from there.
whatever they promised
It cannot be given
My darling
if there is any chance
of you finding your way back
I breath it to you
in the darkness of
your solitude
I give you
the last few colours
my final light……..

Gabriel Denver

Be Positive

Be positive whoever you are
See positivity as your guiding star
Luck will always be on your side
If you take the positive ride
This ride will take you to the perfect place
So let us begin, there is no time to waste
Negative thoughts are now dismissed,
Positive thoughts are at the top of your list
So jump on the ride of the positive tour
Don’t let negativity knock on your door
Sometimes negative thoughts will reappear
Just knock them down with your positive sphere
This is the best mental weapon you hold,
Keep it safe, treasure this piece of gold
Begin your tour with your guiding star
Be strong and you will travel far,
Once you take steps along this path
Your positive thoughts will never look back

Gillian Sims

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