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A Farewel (To Worldly Joys.)-by Anne Killigrew FAMOUS FEMALE POET



Anne Killigrew (1660—1685) was an English poet. Born in London, Killigrew is perhaps best known as the subject of a famous elegy by the poet John Dryden entitled To The Pious Memory of the Accomplish’d Young Lady Mrs. Anne Killigrew (1686). She was however a skilful poet in her own right, and her Poems were published posthumously in 1686. Dryden compared her poetic abilities to the famous Greek poet of antiquity, Sappho. Killigrew died of smallpox aged 25.


A Farewel (To Worldly Joys.)

FArewel ye Unsubstantial Joyes,
Ye Gilded Nothings, Gaudy Toyes,
Too long ye have my Soul misled,
Too long with Aiery Diet fed:
But now my Heart ye shall no more
Deceive, as you have heretofore:
For when I hear such Sirens sing,
Like Ithaca’s fore-warned King,
With prudent Resolution I
Will so my Will and Fancy tye,
That stronger to the Mast not he,
Than I to Reason bound will be:
And though your Witchcrafts strike my Ear,
Unhurt, like him, your Charms I’ll hear.

by Anne Killigrew

A Swedish Poem


Hjärta och smärta hör ihop
en samklang

Ibland en sorg
som tynger hjärtat

Ibland en glädje
som lyfter hjärtat

Men utan sorg
sà känner vi ej glädje

Translation from Swedish GOOGLE:

Heart and pain associated
one tune

Sometimes a grief
weighing on the heart

Sometimes a joy
that lifts the heart

But without sorrow
we feel no joy 

 Maria Thunholm / Maria de Suède

“ tack for ert svar “


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