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I am the one

Who sat upon

The highest cliff

Reaching out to

To the loudest waves

When a man approached me


Though his eyes were sad

He needed someone to talk to,

I did not acknowledge him,

It was at that moment

A teardrop crept from his eye,

Falling and crashing deep into the waves

He followed,

Leaving no trace

When he jumped into the waves,

Silence clung

Like a glove,

All I could feel was his pain

Around my heart


I remain solo

I wish I had spent the time

To talk to him,

The stranger that I ignored

I wish I had been brave enough,

To hear what he had to say

I was his last hope

Now I will never know

The hurt he held inside

I will never know,

How many times he had cried

About whatever secret he held inside

Why his tear drops fell

Into the hungry waters,

Whilst I sat upon the highest cliff

Reaching out to the loudest waves,

Still I remain solo

by Gillian Sims

We like to entertain you!


Here at Poetree Creations we like to entertain you.

So take your place in the best seat in the house

and fasten your seat belt…then enjoy the ride!

My perfect space

All the words I haven’t said

All the books I haven’t read,

All the films I haven’t seen

All the places I haven’t been

I created a space in my mind

When I relax,I unwind,

These are the targets I haven’t met

I will now put my mind to the test,

When,where, and why

Can I inspire

To set my heart on fire?

To reach all the goals

That my heart desires,

My aim in life

I can create,

My perfect space

Gillian Sims

Nottingham poet

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