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Pat the cat

Pat was a pussy cat

Who was very  fat

Pat got stuck in the cat flap,

They rang the Police

And the Firebrigade,

And the Ambulance too,

But no-one  knew what to do

The policeman asked the fireman

The fireman asked the ambulanceman,

So they pulled his head and then his tail

This made the cat wail

Then they didn’t feed him

So he became quite thin,

Then he popped out of the cat flap

With a smiley grin

By Brendon Wakefeild

 6 years old

With a little bit of help from gran and grandad

Grandad’s mate made a video

It’s on YouTube under Gillian Sims


No Turkeys left in Norfolk

Turkeys thomas                                                                                                               

My turkeys have done a runner

No turkeys as far as the eye can see

Are the little blighter’s hiding away from me?

I rang the Police

I informed the TV

Now their pictures have been made public

For everyone to see

The telephone will not stop ringing me

Because now they have all been spotted

Outside Bernard’s Norfolk turkey factory

I switched on the telly

News flash


Bernard’s turkeys on the run

Running around Norfolk having lots of fun

So there will be no turkey

on my plate this Christmas

Just because there’s

no turkeys left in Norfolk

It won’t stop my Christmas fun


By Thomas sims

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